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    Sometimes you want to encode a nonzero signed offset into an unsigned range, e.g. [-8..-1,+1..+8] into [0..7,8..15]. Normally this requires some conditional decoding to accommodate the gap in the middle where you didn't encode 0:

    This is basically just doing inline fixed-point math, which is how PICO-8's numbers work under the hood.

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    What scrolls down screens, delivers the memes,
    Turns into a browsing slog?
    What do spammers attack, attempting to hack?
    It's Blog, Blog, Blog!

    It's Blog, Blog, it's short, it's boring, it's terse!
    It's Blog, Blog, it isn't just bad, it's worse!
    Nobody wants a Blog! You're gonna hate it, Blog!
    Why would you write a Blog? Nobody needs a Blog!

    ...Blog, from Llammo!

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