The Wee Dungeon
Title screen
Creator Parlor
Genre Platformer
Player Count Two

Description Edit

Players must clear out dungeon rooms of creatures while collecting gold and various other items.

Rules Edit

  • Players start at the bottom corner of a dungeon room. Due to having "impractical architecture", they must jump from platform to platform in order to make their way around. If they are able to make their way through a room, they will come to a door, which entering it will lead them to another room.
  • Players fight various creatures along the way, which they can stab with their weapon. Defeating a creature will yield gold, possibly a health power-up and/or an item. Making contact with a creature will cost the player part of a heart meter (at the bottom of the screen) and the game will end when they are out of health. Making contact with a spike will also end the game if the player does not have a special item in their possession. A tally is then shown at the end of a game of how much gold was gathered and how many rooms were cleared.
  • Most creatures just automatically move from side to side, although with the more rooms players clear, tougher monsters will start appearing that carry shields to block attacks with that are harder to defeat.
  • Upon winning a battle, players will collect gold and possibly various items, such as a health power-up, which will increase their health. Special items include shields (which can block attacks), helmets, armor and a better weapon. These items can stop several attacks costing players their health, although they will disappear over time after they absorb too much damage. Landing on a spike will cost the player an item and give them a split second to try and make their way out of their current trap. Once a player obtains a stronger weapon and then loses it after it takes too much damage, they will revert back to their weaker default sword they started the game out with, whereas shields, armor and helmets will disappear entirely.
  • Two players can play simultaneously.

Controls Edit

  • Use the Z key to start a game.
  • Use the left/right arrow keys to move player one and the S and F keys to move player two.
  • Use the up arrow key to make player one jump and the E key to make player two jump.
  • Use the Z key for player one to attack and the W key for player two to do the same.
  • Use the X key for player one to use a shield (if applicable) and the Q key for player two's shield.
  • Use the down arrow key for player one to enter a door and the D key for player two to do the same.
  • Use the escape or Enter key to pause the game.