Super Mega Bread
Title Screen
Creator jclermont
Genre Platformer
Player Count One

Description Edit

Bread.p8 0

The player takes the role of Bread Man, who has the ability to throw butter or jump in mid-air using butter. There are four levels, each with a different theme and gimmick. The main antagonist is Dr. Yogurt, who is polluting BreadLand with processed junk food.

Controls Edit

  • Z: Jump
  • X: Throw Butter
  • Left/Right: Move
  • Up/Down: Aim Butter
  • Enter: Pause/Settings

Unlockables Edit

  • Level Select: Beat the game once.
  • Mayo Mode: Go into the crevice in the ice block at the start of Grape Glacier.
    • You start each level with limited Mayo, with no pickups or checkpoints.
  • Yogurt Mode: Stand in the corner right above the exit to the final boss room.
    • You play as Dr. Yogurt and have shorter jumps.

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