Shoot Stuff!
Title screen shot
Creator starvingindie
Genre Shooter
Player Count One


The pollen wars are in full effect and it's up to you to destroy the robots that seek to eradicate all pollen from your planet.


  • The player's character can either jump over or shoot robots.
  • Robots come in three variations: a fast-moving small blue robot, a slow-moving small red robot that fires projectiles upwards and a large red robot that moves slowly but takes five hits to be destroyed. All robots have an indicator as to how many hits they will take before being destroyed (one to two for small robots and five for the large ones). At top center of the screen is a tally as to how many robots need to be destroyed in order to win the game (with a count total of 100 is required).
  • Along with robots, fireballs also start falling from the sky, which, if they hit the ground they will explode and cause damage to the player if they're too close to it. Coming into contact with robots and the red robots' projectiles will take off a health unit (as indicated at top right) and the game will end when the player runs out of health.
  • The player starts off a game with 20 rounds of ammunition; occasionally a destroyed robot will leave behind extra ammo. Crates fall down from the sky which will restore health if they land without being shot and the player picks them up, or they can be used to totally refill the player's ammo level to maximum (20 rounds) if the crate lands and the player shoots it. However, if the crate lands on a robot it will be destroyed and a bonus health unit or ammo will be lost. If the player runs out of ammo the game will end.


  • Use the x + c keys to start a new game.
  • Use the x key to shoot.
  • Use the left/right arrow keys to move.
  • Use the up arrow key to jump.
  • Use the p or Enter key to pause the game.


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