run [str]

( [str] )
Runs the current cartridge from the start of the program.
A "breadcrumb" string, as if passed by a calling cartridge.

When run as a system command at the PICO-8 prompt, this starts the program. If the program was running previously, run resets the game state and starts from the beginning.

When called as a function in code (run()), the runtime environment resets and the program executes from the beginning.

A string may be passed as a "breadcrumb" that the cartridge can find in stat(6). Breadcrumbs are usually used when one cartridge loads another and wishes to tell the other where it came from. This is a way to simulate that, or to retain the existing breadcrumb if the cartridge chooses to re-run itself.

Examples Edit

At the PICO-8 prompt:

> run
> run this is my breadcrumb
> run "this is my breadcrumb"

Note that quotes are optional and both of the latter examples produce the same result.

In source code:

-- reset the program
-- reset the program with a breadcrumb
run("this is my breadcrumb")
-- reset the program and preserve the current breadcrumb

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