Puzzle Cave - Raiders Of The Lost Potato
Title screen shot
Creator hackefuffel
Genre Puzzle
Player Count One


Potatomonsters stole all potatoes from Pinkbunnyland. Help Pinkbunny to collect all stolen potatoes and save Pinkbunnyland!


  • Once Pinkbunny has collected all potatoes in a level, a key will appear; collecting the key will cause a door to disappear, leading to the next level. Collect the key to move to the next level.
  • Diamonds start appearing in levels that block Pinkbunny's access to potatoes and certain areas of a level. Pinkbunny can push the single diamonds out of the way, however, to gain access to potatoes. Two diamonds together cannot be moved if there are no other paths around them.
  • After several levels, green creatures begin appearing that will shoot off lasers if Pinkbunny enters their line of sight. These bring instantaneous death. However, they can be blocked by diamonds.
  • If Pinkbunny gets stuck in a level with no way to solve it, the level can be reset.
  • All levels, including the game, can be beaten..


  • Use the x or z key to start a new game.
  • Use the p or Enter keys to pause a game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move, push diamonds, collect potatoes and keys and exit levels.
  • Use the x or z key to restart a level.
  • Use the p or enter key to pause the game.


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