poke4( addr, val )
Writes a 32-bit value to four consecutive memory locations.
The address of the first memory location.

The 32-bit value.

The poke4() function writes a 32-bit value to four consecutive bytes in the addressable memory region (0x000-0x7fff). The value is interpreted in the Little Endian representation, which stores the lowest 8 bits in the first byte.

See Memory for information about the memory layout.

Examples Edit

poke4(0x4300, 0x0fff.c000)
b0 = peek(0x4300)  -- 0x00
b1 = peek(0x4301)  -- 0xc0
b2 = peek(0x4302)  -- 0xff
b3 = peek(0x4303)  -- 0x0f

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