Title screen shot
Creator aquova
Genre Action
Player Count One


Fly around, avoiding (or destroying) space debris while obliterating as many enemy bases as possible.


  • Use the radar display at the bottom right corner of the screen to locate enemy bases.
  • Avoid or shoot space debris (asteroids, mines) along the way.
  • The player's ship can wrap around the edge of a level (flying to the right edge will cause it to re-emerge at the left side of the screen, for example), providing shortcuts to bases.
  • An enemy base can be destroyed in two ways: by either a shot straight up its middle or by shooting all six of its pods.
  • Colliding with an asteroid, mine, base or missile fired from an enemy base will destroy the player's ship and the game will end when all lives have been exhausted.
  • An extra ship is awarded with every thousand points.


  • At the title screen, use the left/right arrow keys to view high scores.
  • At the title screen, press the x key to start a game.
  • Use the arrow keys to start a new level.
  • Use the x key to fire.
  • Use the arrow keys to move (ship will thrust on its own).
  • Use the z or enter key to pause the game and/or reset the cart.


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