Title screen
Creator UrbanMonk
Genre Action
Player Count One

Description Edit

It's Pac-Man, you should know what to do! Clear out mazes of dots and avoid the pursuing monsters for the most part.

Rules Edit

  • The player controls Pico-Man, who must clear out mazes of dots by eating them. Pico-Man moves slightly faster when the corridors are dot-free. Eating all dots in a maze leads to the next more difficult level. Bonus prizes appear up to two times during a level below the monster pen if Pico-Man can eat them before they disappear.
  • Four monsters start pursuing Pico-Man throughout a level; if one of them catches him they will lose a life and the game will end when there are no more remaining lives. An escape tunnel located on the center sides of the maze will slow down a pursuing monster, however, along with one of four energizers in the corners of each maze will temporarily make the monsters vulnerable to the point where Pico-Man can eat them. Once they start flashing, however, they are about to turn back into their dangerous state.

Controls Edit

  • Use the X or Z keys to start a game.
  • Use the arrow keys to control Pico-Man.
  • Use the Escape or Enter keys to pause the game.