PICO-8 Wiki
peek( addr, [n] )
Reads one or more bytes from contiguous memory locations starting at addr.
The address of the first memory location.

The number of bytes to return. (1 by default, 32767 max.)

The peek() function reads and returns one or more bytes from the addressable memory region (0x0000-0x7fff).

See Memory for information about the memory layout.

See peek2() for a way to read groups of 16-bit values from two consecutive memory addresses, and peek4() to read groups of 32-bit values from four consecutive memory addresses.

@ operator[]

The unary-@ operator added in 0.2.0 performs the same function as peek(address) and is now the recommended way to read one byte of memory at a time, as it uses fewer tokens, costs fewer cycles at runtime, and runs on the real host CPU much more efficiently. Simply replace peek(address) with @address.


b = peek(0x4300)

b = @0x4300      -- preferred method

delay,interval = peek(0x5f5c, 2) -- assign variables with the btnp() settings

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