PICO-8 Wiki
Title screen shot
Title screen shot
Creator Jusiv
Genre Adventure
Player Count One


A "surreal adventure game" (along with being a puzzle game) comprised of five areas. Each area has a different, unspecified goal that must be accomplished before the player can be transported to the next area.


  • Wander around each area. Try to find and read all newspapers.
  • A black creature can be triggered in every area. Interact with it every single time in order to see a different ending (along with reading all newspapers).
  • In the first area (The Station), locate and activate several switches to unlock more places in the level. Find the ticket and board a train to be transported to the next area.
  • In The Open (the next area), there are clues to follow to be teleported to The Rift.
  • In The Rift, you must make it to the next teleport at the end of the playfield. Correct timing is needed in order to avoid several traps that will transport you back to the beginning of the area.
  • In The Grove, you must activate several areas by standing on them for several seconds each in order to be transported to The Remains.
  • In The Remains, you must collect all blue blobs in the area, which will open a door in a building at the top middle area of the level, which will end the game once you enter the building.


  • At the title screen, press z or x to start the game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the x, z or c keys to interact with various items/read newspapers and to speed up onscreen dialog.
  • Use the enter or p key to pause the game or reset the cart.


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