Moon Recon
Moon recon
Title/startup screen
Creator BGelais/Lostcadesoft
Genre Action
Player Count One


The player's ship moves through a constantly scrolling moon landscape while reacting to dangers.


  • Moving right will increase the speed of the player's ship while moving left will decrease it. There is no way to stop moving.
  • Dangers come from above with U. F. O.s that shoot at the player while large rocks appear in their path.
  • Shooting upwards can destroy U. F. O.s while shooting forward (/to the right of the player's ship) will destroy rocks.
  • If the player's ship is hit by a bomb dropped by a U. F. O. or collides with a rock it will destroy their ship and the game will end when there are no more remaining ships.


  • Use the z key to start a game.
  • Use the p or enter keys to pause the game or reset the cart.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use the z key to fire upwards.
  • Use the x key to fire to the right.


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