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mkdir path
Creates a new directory.
The path to the new directory.

PICO-8's cartridge storage uses a hierarchical filesystem of directories that corresponds to that of the host operating system. The mkdir command makes a new directory that can contain files and other directories.

The path can be a relative path from the current working directory or an absolute path from the root of the storage area. The last part of the path is the name of the new directory. The name must not already exist (as a directory or a file), and the rest of the path must be to a directory that exists. See cd.

Caution: As of 0.1.6, the mkdir command does not report an error when the directory could not be created. Use the ls command to confirm that the directory was created successfully.

Note: There is no way to delete or rename a directory from the PICO-8 command prompt. If you're organizing your files, it's easier to use the folder command to open your operating system's file browser.


> cd /
> mkdir projects

> cd projects
> mkdir squashy

> cd /
> mkdir projects/squashy

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