Lander on Planet Cheese
Title screen shot
Creator boomlinde
Genre Action
Player Count One


You are stuck on planet cheese. You could slice your way out if only you had a slicer. Luckily you have a slicer detector...


  • The game starts with the player's lander sitting on a surface. They must guide the lander throughout the planet in order to find their slicer.
  • The slicer detector points in the direction of the player's cheese slicer. Moving the lander in the direction of the slicer will bring the player closer to it.
  • Fuel is constantly being used once the lander is airborne; however, the player can land softly on any flat surface in order to refuel.
  • Colliding with any surface, running out of fuel, landing on a surface too hard or not landing directly on most surfaces (i. e. if a landing pad is not on a surface) will end the game.
  • The player wins the game by finding and making contact with the slicer.


  • At the title screen, press z or x to start a new game.
  • Use the x key to use the slicer detector.
  • Use the z key to thrust.
  • Use the arrow keys to turn your ship left and right.
  • Use the p or Enter key to pause the game.


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