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Opens the interactive key configuration tool.

You can use the keyconfig tool to change which keyboard keys correspond with the player 1 and player 2 buttons, as well as the pause key.


When you run the command, the list of keys appears. When you press a key (other than Delete or Escape), that key is assigned to the highlighted button, and the highlight moves down. Once you have configured all of the buttons, PICO-8 saves the configuration.

The configuration persists between runs of the PICO-8 app. It is stored in the configuration file config.txt, as the button_keys property.

You can abort without saving by pressing the Escape key any time before the last key.

To reset a button to use its default key, press the Delete key when that key is highlighted. To reset all buttons to default keys, run keyconfig, then press Delete for every key.


> keyconfig

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