PICO-8 Wiki

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Not all PICO-8 hardware has a keyboard, but when it does, there are many keyboard shortcuts that one can use. Known shortcuts are listed here.

Important: the lists below all start with the shortcuts for a QWERTY keyboard layout on a Windows build of PICO-8. Key bindings for other keyboard layouts or platform builds are only listed if they are known to be different from the Windows Build.
If your key isn't listed, or doesn't work right, try to use the Windows-style shortcut the way you would usually expect one to be done in your own OS. For instance, if you know Undo is Ctrl-Z on Windows, you'd want to try Cmd-Z on MacOS. Certain MacOS functions, but not all, permit the use of either the Ctrl or Cmd keys interchangeably. For instance, both Ctrl+C and Cmd+C will copy text on MacOS. As such, certain functions may have multiple redundant shortcuts listed under the MacOS column. As these are functionally equivalent, you can choose whichever shortcut works best for your workflow and/or preference.
Also, if you are on a different regional layout, such as AZERTY or QWERTZ, try using the key that would be in the same physical position as the QWERTY key. And remember, there is a keyconfig command you can use to change in-game button assignments.
Readers with knowledge of other platforms are encouraged to fill in the blanks if they know of keys that differ from the Windows layout. Don't worry too much about following the tricky formatting in these tables, unless you want to. Feel free to just enter whatever helpful notes you have, even if they aren't put into the tables. Someone else can do the formatting later if needed. Thanks!

Global use[]

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Quit Alt+F4 Ctrl+Q ⌘Cmd+Q
Reload/Run/Restart Ctrl+R Ctrl+R ⌘Cmd+R
Quick-Save Ctrl+S Ctrl+S ⌘Cmd+S
Mute/unmute Ctrl+M Ctrl+M ^Ctrl+M
Editor toggle Esc Esc Esc
Full screen toggle Alt+Enter Alt+Enter ⌘Cmd+F
Save a screenshot to desktop F1 / F6
Capture cartridge label image F2 / F7
Start recording a video F3 / F8
Save GIF video to desktop F4 / F9
Toggle keyboard cursor F5 / F10
Toggle FPS display Ctrl+1 ^Ctrl+1
Previous editor Alt+ Alt+ ⌥Alt+
Next editor Alt+ Alt+ ⌥Alt+

While running[]

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Pause menu P / Enter
Performance Monitor Ctrl+P

See btn() for details on default controller/keyboard mappings, and keyconfig for info on changing those mappings.

Command Line[]

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Copy (entire line) Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
History  ↑  /  ↓ 
End-of-line End
Start-of-line Home
Kill to end-of-line Ctrl+K
Kill to start-of-line Ctrl+U
Clear screen Ctrl+L

Text Editor[]

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Cut Ctrl+X ⌘Cmd+X
Copy Ctrl+C ⌘Cmd+C
Paste Ctrl+V ⌘Cmd+V
Select All Ctrl+A ⌘Cmd+A
Katakana (Japanese) Font Entry Mode Toggle Ctrl+K ⌘Cmd+K
Hiragana (Japanese) Font Entry Mode Toggle Ctrl+J ⌘Cmd+J
Puny (Small Caps) Font Entry Mode Toggle Ctrl+P ⌘Cmd+P
Glyph (Icons) Font Entry Shift+ABC...XYZ Shift+ABC...XYZ
Insert/overwrite toggle Ins
Add indented line and 'END' Shift+Enter
Start of line Home
End of line End
Start of document Ctrl+Home
Ctrl+ ↑ 
End of document Ctrl+End
Ctrl+ ↓ 
Previous word Ctrl+
Next word Ctrl+
Previous function Alt+ ↑ 
Next function Alt+ ↓ 
Indent selection ⇥Tab
Un-indent selection Shift+⇥Tab
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Find text in current tab Ctrl+F
Find text aGain Ctrl+G
Repeat search across tabs (Hyper search) Ctrl+H
Go to Line number Ctrl+I
Duplicate current line Ctrl+D
Toggle comment Block Ctrl+B ⌘Cmd+B
Switch to next tab Ctrl+⇥Tab ^Ctrl+⇥Tab
Switch to previous tab Ctrl+Shift+⇥Tab ^Ctrl+Shift+⇥Tab

Sprite editor[]

All tools:

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Pan tool Space+🖰 LClick+Drag
Copy (see note below) Ctrl+C
Paste (at current sprite location) Ctrl+V
Undo/Redo (single-step) Ctrl+Z
Previous sprite Q
Next sprite W
Sprite above Shift+Q
Sprite below Shift+W
Previous color 1
Next color 2
Toggle full view ⇥Tab
Replace color Ctrl+🖰 LClick
Shift by one pixel / /  ↑  /  ↓ 
Flip Horizontal F
Flip Vertical V
Rotate 90° CCW R
Zoom < / >
🖰 Wheel

Draw tool:

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste (at upper left) Ctrl+V
Replace color Ctrl+🖰 LClick
Color Picker 🖰 RClick

Stamp tool:

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Stamp with color 0 transparent LCtrl+🖰 LClick

Select tool:

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Select none Enter

Fill tool:


Lower sprite sheet area:

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Select multiple sprites
(for flip, shift, copy, rotate)
Shift+🖰 LClick+Drag

Note: When a sprite or range of sprites is copied to the clipboard, they may be pasted into other programs as a text-encoded representation. This representation can be uploaded in a BBS post and will show as the actual sprite. Similarly, a sprite encoded in text may be copied from outside of PICO-8 and pasted into the sprite editor.

Map editor[]

Function MacOS
Move a sprite to another sprite and changes all sprites on map equal to the sprite number to the new sprite number Ctrl+X

SFX editor[]

Both views[]

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Swap pitch/note views Tab Tab
Increase Speed Period Period
Decrease Speed Comma Comma
Increase Speed by 4 Shift + Period Shift + Period
Decrease Speed by 4 Shift + Comma Shift + Comma
Switch to Next Sound Effect = =
Switch to Previous Sound Effect - -
Switch to n+4 Sound Effect Shift+=
Switch to n-4 Sound Effect Shift+-
Change all notes to the selected instrument Shift+🖰 LClick on an instrument

Note view[]

For each of the transpose shortcuts, you need to have notes selected.

Function Windows Linux MacOS
Select Multiple Notes Shift+🖰 LClick the notes (first click is left side, second click is right side)
Apply Effect to All Notes Shift+🖰 LClick an effect
Navigate down/up 4 notes Ctrl+ ↓  or Ctrl+ ↑ 
Navigate to right/left column Ctrl+ or Ctrl+
Transpose +1 (one semitone) Shift+2
Transpose +2 Shift+W
Transpose +3 Shift+3
Transpose +4 Shift+E
Transpose +5 Shift+R
Transpose +6 Shift+5
Transpose +7 Shift+T
Transpose +8 Shift+6
Transpose +9 Shift+Y
Transpose +10 Shift+7
Transpose +11 Shift+U
Transpose +12 (one octave) Shift+i
Transpose +13 Shift+9
Transpose +14 Shift+O
Transpose +15 Shift+0
Transpose -12 (one octave) Shift+Z
Transpose -11 Shift+S
Transpose -10 Shift+X
Transpose -9 Shift+D
Transpose -8 Shift+C
Transpose -7 Shift+V
Transpose -6 Shift+G
Transpose -5 Shift+B
Transpose -4 Shift+H
Transpose -3 Shift+N
Transpose -2 Shift+J
Transpose -1 Shift+M

Music editor[]