I'm Not Santa!
Creator Lokno
Genre Shooter
Player Count One

Description Edit

The player controls a "shitty wizard" who just wants to drink his coffee in peace, but children mistake him for Santa and won't leave him alone!

Rules Edit

  • If left idle for a few seconds at a time without moving, the wizard will rack up points by drinking his coffee.
  • Children start appearing and making their way towards the wizard; if any of them make contact with him, the game will end.
  • The wizard can shoot and temporarily stun children by turning them into snowmen, which will start cluttering up the playfield with the more children he shoots.

Controls Edit

  • Click on the play icon to start a game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move the wizard.
  • Use the Z key to shoot.
  • Use the escape or Enter key to pause the game.


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