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Title screen shot
Title screen shot
Creator scgrn
Genre Adventure
Player Count One


Starting off on a large island, the player must find, enter, and make their way through three dungeons before facing a hydra boss in hopes of defeating the game.


  • The player must walk around the countryside until they find a dungeon entrance, then enter it.
  • While inside, the player must swipe at enemies with their sword. Each one will take a few hits until they are killed; meanwhile, if they make contact with the player’s character, that will cause damage to the player (as shown on the player’s strength meter at bottom left of screen). If the player takes enough damage then the game will end, although the player has unlimited continues. Also, some enemies, upon being slain, will leave behind some “life essence that could be absorbed” by the player, which will partially heal them.
  • A compass is included at the top part of the screen, along with a map at the bottom right corner, showing the layout of the current dungeon the player is in.
  • All dungeons have two save areas that the player can continue their game with if they want to go back to it later, along with areas that will state that the dungeon was cleared, even if there are still rooms that the player has not yet encountered.
  • Green creatures make up all dungeons, evil mages appear with the second dungeon, and the hydra appears during the final dungeon.


  • Use the x or z key to start a new game.
  • Use the p or Enter keys to pause a game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move and enter/exit dungeons and doors.
  • Use the x key to attack.
  • Use the z key to strafe.
  • Face each statue in the final dungeon in order to light them up to continue to the hydra.


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