PICO-8 Wiki
help [topic]
Displays a brief message about available commands.
A specific topic. Default is general usage.

Used at the command prompt to display brief help on using and programming PICO-8.

Without args, help provides some general usage information and tips on digging deeper.

With a supplied topic, help can provide detailed info on specific commands, API functions, and several broad categories: gfx, data, audio, system, math, and lua.


To get general usage and tips on using help:

> help

Or, to view information on categories or individual commands and functions:

> help audio

█ audio api functions

music sfx

> help music

█ music(p,[fade_len],[mask])

play music starting from pattern
p. use p -1 to stop any music.

fade_len is given in ms (1000 is
one second). mask is a bitfield
used to specify which channels
to reserve for music.

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