extcmd( cmd )
Executes an administrative command from within a program.
The command name, as a string.

The command can be one of the following:

  • 'label': Sets the cart label to the current screen.
  • 'screen': Saves a screenshot.
  • 'rec': Sets the video recording start point.
  • 'video': Saves an animated GIF to the desktop.
  • 'audio_rec': Starts audio recording.
  • 'audio_end': Ends audio recording and saves to the desktop.
  • 'pause': Activates the pause menu, as if the player pressed the pause button.
  • 'reset': Resets the currently running cart, as if the player pressed the reset key sequence (Control-R or Command-R).
  • 'breadcrumb': After a cart uses load() with the breadcrumb parameter to load another cart, loads the original cart, as if the player selected the breadcrumb menu item.
  • 'shutdown': Exits the program if used in an exported binary.

These commands are normally available in PICO-8 when you press function keys during cart execution. extcmd() lets you perform these at precise moments that may be difficult to capture by pressing keys, or when running in non-interactive "headless" mode (the -x command line flag).

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