Title screen shot
Creator FRedShift
Genre Simulation
Player Count One

Description Edit

Children must be saved during a game. They must be freed, led to safety, and not let them be caught by zombies.

Rules Edit

  • Zombies drop down from the sky; making contact with one will drain the player (named Twinsen) of a life point. If the player runs out of life points the game will end. Twinsen can shoot zombies with balls, however.
  • 15-25 children (depending on difficulty level setting) are scattered about a level kept in cages. Touching a cage will free a child. Once attacked by a zombie, Twinsen has seven seconds to kill the zombie or else the child will die.
  • Freed children will follow Twinsen around, which they must be influenced towards the exit (a blue square). Once all children have been led to the exit (not counting any that were killed during the game), Twinsen must then enter it as well in order to end the game.
  • Game maps, difficulty level, cursor and camera settings can be tweaked.

Controls Edit

  • Use the arrow keys to move Twinsen.
  • Use the Z key to shoot.
  • Use the escape, X, or Enter key to pause the game.


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