config [setting] [value]

Modify the configuration settings.

The name of the setting, e.g. theme. If absent, available settings are listed.
The new value for the setting. If absent, the current value is printed.

This is a way to modify the PICO-8 configuration live at runtime, within the PICO-8 environment. Changes will be saved to PICO-8's configuration file.

Run the command with no arguments to see the names of the available settings.

Run the command with the name of a setting to see its current value and info on how to change the value.

Run the command with both the name of a setting and a new value to change the setting.

Examples Edit

At the Pico-8 prompt:

> config tab_width
config tab_width [width]
current tab_width: 1
> config tab_width 2
set tab_width: 2

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