Butlerian Jihad
Title screen shot
Creator joshmillard
Genre Strategy
Player Count One

Description Edit

The player controls humanitarian rebel Jehanne Butler that must avoid robots that are out to kill her and enslave humanity by influencing them to destroy each other.

Rules Edit

  • Being a turn-based game, with every time Butler moves, the robots will also make a move. Butler can also skip a turn and let the robots advance.
  • One of the few defenses Butler has is to influence the robots to collide with each other, or the debris of a former robot. For instance, there could be still-functioning robots to the left of the screen with a space of robot debris in the same path in the middle and Butler is on the right side of the screen. She can just wait out her turns as the functioning robots keep on advancing until they all plow into the square holding the robot debris and end up being destroyed.
  • Butler has a displacement belt that can be used to relocate her to a random screen area during a level.
  • Butler also has a shield function that can destroy one or more robots; one extra shield unit is gained with every level cleared. However, if Butler relocates to an area of a level that has a robot right next to it and she has at least one shield unit left, the robots will then take a turn, the robot where she landed next to will advance, be destroyed by her shield and she will use up a shield. If a robot touches her with no shield units remaining the game will end.

Controls Edit

  • Use the arrow keys plus the Z key to move Butler.
  • Use the Z key to wait out a turn/advance the robots without moving.
  • Use the X key to displace to a different area.
  • Use the Enter key to pause the game.


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