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This game was made by Oskar Zanota and Eddy Rashed, for the Pixeler’s game jam, that they won. It was made in 2 days, but the full version is still in development.

How to playEdit

You play as a cube in a 2D world. When you move, you cannot stop until you reach a solid object. To finish a level, get to the treasure chest ! There are also hidden crowns that you can (you don’t have to) pickup during your game.


Menu :

  • Left and right arrow to navigate
  • X, V, or M to select a level
  • C, Z, or N to toggle music

In game :

  • Move with arrow keys
  • X, V, or M to reset the level, or to teleport if on a teleporter
  • C, Z, or N to go back to the menu


  • Treasure chest : pick it up to finish the level
  • Crown : an optional collectible that can be picked up in each level, picking it up brings you to the start of the level.
  • Orb : stops you on your track and allows you to change direction.
  • Teleporter : teleports you to the teleporter of the corresponding color when X, V, or M is pressed.
  • Wall teleporter : teleports you to the corresponding teleporter on the same line when moving towards it. Your direction remains the same.
  • Electricity : kills you whenever you touch it.
  • Wall spikes : kills you if you move towards them.
  • Arrow : changes your direction to the arrow's direction.
  • WannaBeBlock : a block that destroys itself if you move towards it from far enough. (not available in the game jam’s version)
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