Alien Abduction
Title screen
Creator dj_pale
Genre Action
Player Count One

Description Edit

“Fetch" as many "puny humans” as you can “for...gruesome experiments etc.” for your High Commander XL'ARGH!

Rules Edit

  • Abduct humans! The player must maneuver their U. F. O. down towards Earth while avoiding projectiles launched from buildings and later planes that travel the skies. Once the player is close enough to a human, they must use their tractor beam to suck it up, then take them high into the atmosphere so the alien mothership can collect the human from there.
  • Being hit by a plane or building projectile will cost the player a U. F. O. and the game will end when there are no more U. F. O.s in reserve.
  • If a plane's fire hits a human or if a human dies after being dropped by the U. F. O. (if it is too high up) being shot down then the player will be penalized 100 points for each lost human.

Controls Edit

  • Use the Z or X keys to start a game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move U. F. O.s.
  • Use the Z key to activate the tractor beam.
  • Use the Escape or Enter keys to pause the game.