Title screen shot
Creator LeDjinn
Genre Shooter
Player Count One


Scrolling shooter where the player controls a plane that must shoot down targets while avoiding them and/or their fire for as long as possible.


  • Crafts move in certain patterns, initially traveling in either straight horizontal or vertical paths. After defeating several bosses, other vehicles will also zig-zag.
  • Making contact with an enemy or one of its projectiles will cause the player to lose health (indicated by yellow hearts at the bottom right corner of the screen); once the player runs out of health the game will end.
  • The player has two weapons: a primary main gun and a secondary Lazor. The main gun can have several shots onscreen at once but starts off weak; the Lazor is much stronger but needs to be strengthened via collecting power-ups in order to be used again.
  • Enemies initially take several hits to be destroyed, although they often release power-ups. Once collected by the player, pink globes are used to build up the Lazor power (represented by a bar at the bottom left of the screen), whereas the less common yellow orbs will strengthen the player’s main gun, along with increasing the size of its projectiles. It can also replenish the player’s health.
  • After the player reaches certain point thresholds they will find themselves in a boss battle, which fires many shots at once and takes many hits to be destroyed. If the player is able to defeat it then they will continue the game at a higher difficulty level, as ground targets that fire appear on level 2 (which none of the enemy aircraft fires at the player during the first level), one type of airborne target fires and another moves in a zig-zagging pattern appears on level 3, etc.


  • At the title screen, press the x key to play game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the x key to fire main guns.
  • Use the z key to shoot the Lazor (when available).
  • Press the Enter or p key to pause the game.


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